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Varun Vutukur
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Hello and welcome to my page. I am Varun, a Freelance Digital Artist living in Hyderabad, India. I'm a skilled 3D Modeling & Texturing artist. I'm currently pursuing my Bachelors degree specialized in 3D Modeling, Texturing and Lighting at IACG(International Academy of Comp. Graphics). Working on new projects has always provided me the pleasure to meet new people, new ideas and thinking.
You can browse through few of my best works here. I hope that you appreciate my work and I encourage any feedback you could give me.
Thank you for spending your time.

Varun Vutukur,


There are many blogs and sites about how Animation is a worthless pursuit and how narrow the job opportunities are there for this field… the ridicule and criticism a person faces when he says he wants to be an animator or an artist from his friends who are probably into engineering or business. I’ve faced this experience, but it didn’t stop me. There are people stating that “Animation is so hard-You need to work long hours- The pay is very low- There is lot of competition, you won’t survive it- There is no freedom “; so doesn’t that apply for other jobs? Doesn’t engineering require long hours or hard work? Don’t people get low salaries in other jobs as well? Don’t other jobs have competition? Is life really that easy? The problem here is not with the profession, the problem is with the society’s view towards the profession. Animation has become a stereotype- It is only meant for kids.
That’s wrong, let me tell you why… The entertainment industry is the largest and fastest growing industries in the world. There is no other industry which is as fast and as progressive as this and what kind of people work in this industry?- The Artists!!! Now, if you’re an animator you get to work on movies, TV shows, games and lots of other stuff. But, let me tell you that Animation is not limited to just the entertainment industry, it holds a valuable position in the education fields and it is also used in scientific fields. In the education field, Animation is used to show or display regions which the human eye can’t see. It’s usage ranges from showing how Physics work to kids in a primary school -to- show how to operate various body organs in a medical school. It is also used when you need to demonstrate objects present in outer space or the tiniest organisms present in the world. Animation is everywhere and this applies to other art fields too.

Now coming to the job problem, which can arise from various factors as- Most of the people who’ve entered Animation, do so when they’ve failed to prosper in their original desired fields. So these people obviously don’t have the passion nor they have the talent to gain a good position and they vent that frustration out in some website which impacts aspiring Artists. Coming to the other side of the coin, there are passionate and ambitious people who enter the field and if they don’t get the job, it’s either due to their personality or lack of sufficient talent or location or they’re applying for the wrong position or the wrong studio. But, if you’re truly passionate you won’t give up. To the people who are not interested in Animation, please do yourself a favor and don’t enter it. It is not a substitute.

There are opportunities, there are schools, there are excellent programs, there are awesome faculties and educators in the world to guide you in this amazing field. I’m just a student, but I’m not afraid of my job prospects. You can work as a Freelancer or through a studio and there are various other positions. It is a vast and wonderful field which is driven by your imagination and your skills. It needs the respect it deserves, which is the main reason for me to write about this post. Be proud to be an Artist.

Animation is the reason you find dragons in TV shows, playable characters in games, aliens in movies and much more. So, do you think it’s just meant for kids?

Visit my blog for more content- Wordpress Blog

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it's my pleasure :)
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Happy Birthday Have your cake and eat it tooHave your cake and eat it tooHave your cake and eat it tooHave your cake and eat it tooHave your cake and eat it tooHave your cake and eat it tooHave your cake and eat it tooHave your cake and eat it tooHave your cake and eat it tooHave your cake and eat it tooHave your cake and eat it tooHave your cake and eat it tooHave your cake and eat it too
VarunCreations Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
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VarunCreations Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
ur welcome :)
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Thankyou kindly for the watch :D
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I hope all is well.
Just wanted to say Thank You for visiting my work and deciding to follow it.
I greatly appreciate your support.

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Cheers and good luck in all that you do!
Evan DeCiren
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Happy Birthday!
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